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Ted Gounaris

Chief Operating Officer

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Ted is a founding partner at VORO. The Virtual Online Realty Office. Ted has brokered hundreds of transactions from co-ops and condos to single family and multi unit dwellings all over New York, focusing mostly in the New York City region. He began in real estate as an investor, buying his first investment property in the summer of 2001, and continues buying and selling single and multi-family units to this day. In 2005 he began his sales career at Homestead New York, a boutique real estate firm in downtown Manhattan. He quickly realized there was much more to real estate than looking for a place to live or invest. After his first year he created + managed the Gounaris Group at Homestead New York, a five member team consistently producing 10-15 transactions monthly. A year later he took over management of the downtown branch where he oversaw 35 full time sales professionals, with an office producing 60 transactions monthly. In 2008 he left Homestead, and brought his team to Prudential Douglas Elliman. Like most other sales professionals he thought a prestigious name would garner more business. The Gounaris Group ended up handling a similar amount of transactions. What he learned at his 3 years at Prudential Douglas Elliman is that the agents make the company, not the other way around. He realized that agents were essentially “partnering” with their firms by handing away 50% or more in many cases, of their commissions. The harder an agent works, the more they make. The more they make, the more their company makes. It shouldn’t be that way, and that was one of the driving forces behind the creation of VORO. In 2011, he helped to create VORO with the agent in mind. He believes that when you have satisfied agents, you have satisfied buyers and renters. Agents at VORO know the harder and smarter they work, the more they will be rewarded, and that translates to how they conduct themselves with their clients every day.