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Connect with a Lender

VORO is affiliated with a network of lenders throughout the nation.
Let us connect you with the best Lender for your situation.

6 reasons

Why your Realtor should connect you with a Lender:

  • Affordable Down Payments
    Simple, custom-scaled, accessible down payment plans available to everyone.

  • Painless Pre-Approval
    Simple, streamlined, and transparent pre-approval processing.

  • More Bang For Your Buck
    We work directly according to your financial goals to help you achieve maximum success.

  • Exclusive Rates
    The Lender network will compete to deliver you the best rate.

  • Communication
    Your Realtor and Lender will communicate at all times to make the process seamless.

  • Fast Financing
    Our lenders have efficient systems in place to expedite the mortgage process when needed.

the process

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  • Start

  • Pre-Approval

  • Find a Home

  • Make an Offer & Home Inspection

  • Contract



Review Preliminary documents with a mortgage professional to find out your buying power. Documents include: Paystubs, W-2’s, Tax Returns, and Bank statements.

Find a Home:

Assess your wants & needs, and then let your Realtor help you find the perfect home to fit your lifestyle.

Make an Offer & Home Inspection:

Offer accepted, Sign Binder, Schedule a home Inspection & review report.


Review & sign your contract with your Real Estate Attorney.

  • Application Process

  • Processing

  • Appraisal Order

  • Appraisal Report

Application Process:

Submit updated documents from pre-approval & copies of fully signed contracts.


Receive your Welcome Package. Processor completes all vetifications for credit, employment & assets.

Appraisal Order:

Ordered within 48 hours of contract, appraisal inspection is completed & report completed within 5 days.

Appraisal Report:

Received & reviewed; processor updates you to outstanding condition pending a loan approval.

  • Underwriting

  • Title Report

  • Homeowners Insurance Policy

  • Commitment

  • Clear to Close


Processor submits file to underwriting department for review & commitment letter. Commitment letter issued & sent to your attorney for review.

Title Report:

Your attorney can order the report & submits the information to Jet Direct for review & clearance.

Homeowners Insurance Policy:

Copy of appraisal & mortgagee clause provided to you to secure a Homeowners Insurance Policy.
Contract Insurance Agent.


Submit all closing conditions noted on commitment letter for final clearance.

Clear to Close:

You & your attorney are notified that your file is clear to close & a closing date is scheduled by Jet Direct with the Bank Attorney.

  • Final Walk-Trough

  • Closing

  • Quick Fact

  • Post Closing

Final Walk-Trough:

Borrowers do a final walk-through of the property to approve condition of the house prior to signing closing documents.


You are at the finish line! All parties sign closing documents with the settlement agent.

Quick Fact:

Homeownership allows for greatcr control over your living environment. Paint, decorate & rearrange to your heart’s content!

Post Closing:

Enjoy the tax advantages of owning a home. Assess current real estate taxes & apply for STAR* exemption.